A downloadable game for Windows


WASD to move

Left click to interact

Recharge in the green screen

When Outside:

Space to go up

Shift to go down

Argonaut is about keeping busy and searching for the unattainable. There are various activities to be performed, which can be turned into cosmetic upgrades. Or, you can search the static, and venture into space in hopes of catching the signal.

Updated 25 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags3D, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

Requires Unity Player

Unzip the file and run the .exe


Argonaut.zip 124 MB


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I love installation art. I love standing within a large scale piece, exploring its details and meaning at my own pace, and simultaneously feeling like I am are a part of the art itself. So it is with Argonaut. This game presents you with a few simple tasks to do aboard your humble space vessel- like water your plants, activate a little robot buddy, decode a color puzzle. These interactions are just enough to invite me into the bigger experiences this art installation has to offer- the feeling of wonder and awe, lost and alone in space in a glass box, the mysterious noises on the radio, the possibility of contact. Take your time in this space, put yourself into the art and enjoy mystery of it all.


This is so good!! The space setting is so calming and nice.